Gathering knowledge and choosing the right marquee

Traditional or Clearspan Marquee?

All our marquees are modern ‘Clearspan’ marquees, this simply means that they do not have any obtrusive internal poles or guy ropes to support the frame other than wall pillars. Also available are FestivalArabian, Moroccan, Tipi and Chinese Hat Marquees.

Open space Marquee with coloured lighting

White Marquee in Garden

One of the main advantages in having a clear span marquee is that the internal space is fully available for seating and a dance floor. It means one doesn’t need to arrange furniture around poles or supports.

Find out more in our Ultimate Guide to Marquee Hire.

What size Marquee do I need?

In our ‘price guide’ you will find the minimum size marquee you need to cater for your guest numbers.

The main considerations when determining size of marquee to hire are:

  • Available space and land area,
  • Number of guests attending and how many are to be seated,
  • Additional equipment required; For example dance floor, stage, reception area, catering area etc.

Open Marquee with Purple Flooring

Two good starting guides are as follows:

  • For a buffet event – a minimum of 8 square feet per person
  • For a seated event – a minimum of 15 square feet per person (based on 5ft round tables)
  • For a seated event with a Disco/Dance floor – a minimum of 18 square foot per person is required.

Then, add in space for dance floors, bar, stage, catering tables, DJ’s. This will give you a rough idea of your space requirements. We use the latest 3D AutoCAD technology to draw scale plans incorporating fixtures (furniture, dance floors, stages etc) to ensure optimum use of space.

At this point of the marquee hire process we endeavour to spend as much time as you wish discussing your wants and needs as we understand the importance of providing a bespoke solution in order to make your special day a success.

Can a marquee extend my home?

Yes, if the site permits we can erect the frame of the marquee adjacent to any building, this can then be made water tight and is most commonly used as a walkway from the house to your marquee.

Ideal for the winter months, a marquee extension allows guests to pass from a building to a marquee with no intervening area.

Marquee in Front of Hotel

What is available for the entrance?

All of our existing equipment can be utilized in various ways to create reception areas, walkways and casual spaces for your guests to relax before entering the marquee. A popular and stylish choice of entrance is that of the Pagoda or ‘Chinese hat’ marquee, this marquee allows stylish access to your main structure and its pointed peak roof always attracts excellent feedback from guests.

Really the options for your entrance are endless, they totally depend on what you are hoping to achieve! In our experience the entrance is best discussed during the planning stage of your marquee hire as we can design a bespoke entrance for your marquee that enhances the surroundings of your marquee and appropriately suits the theme of your event.

Marquee lined or unlined?

Lined marquees provide a far more luxurious finish and are an essential element of a traditional wedding-style marquee.
If you really want to give the marquee and your guests that wow factor then linings are certainly recommended as they conceal the marquees frame structure and give a polished and delicate finish to your marquee. With unlined marquees, the PVC walls and marquee structure are fully visible, making them more suitable for functional or casual events.

What can I have on the floor?

There are a few options available for floor coverings. If the grass or ground that the marquee is on is flat enough you may perhaps use nothing extra, coconut matting is an additional option, or the very best solution available is an interlocking boarded floor which can be beautifully carpeted giving the very best finish. New carpet is always available in a wide choice of colours, alternatively When we have the stock available we can offer used carpet at a discounted rate, this is perfectly acceptable for most events, however the finish of the new carpet is far superior and for prestigious events such as weddings is an absolute must have.

How many tables do I need?

This again depends on the type of function and whether the tables are to be used for eating at catered events or more informal gatherings.

We suggest the following as a guide:

  • 4′ Round – 6
  • 5′ Round – 8
  • 5′ 6” Round – 10
  • 6′ Trestle – 8 (3 each side, plus one either end)

You can use a combination of these if you wish to seat 8 at some tables and 10 at others.

What lighting should I have?

This will depend on the type of event & setting. We can supply a variety of lighting including branch chandeliers and brilliant white up lighting. We also offer a bespoke lighting solution comprised of music sensitive LED up lighters available in any colour you wish, also a selection of black out starlight roof linings are available to add the ultimate stylish finish to your marquee.

Marquee with Pink Interior