Wedding Marquees Info

Arguably the most popular reason to hire a marquee is for a wedding.

The ‘wedding marquee hire‘ industry has grown and grown over the years and now supports a range of a services on it’s own. It has become huge!

Why has it become so popular? Part of the attraction of having a wedding marquee is that you can decide how you want it, how much you want to spend, what caterers to choose, who runs the bar, what drinks to serve, what chairs to sit on, what type of dance floor should you hire, should you have a lounge area, what carpet colour should you choose, what lights should you have, where will the DJ and/or band be positioned, should a stage be provided, should you have an entrance, should the entrance have doors?

I think you get the picture. The marquee can be designed to how you want it and ultimately how much you want to spend.

There isn’t really a typical wedding marquee, however some of the core ingredients remain through out. At the beginning of the planning process is the question how many guests shall we invite? Again, that depend on how many you want to invite, it’s up to you. We have provided wedding marquees for 20 to 1000 guests, however we can provide marquee’s for larger parties should the need arise.

If you aren’t restricted to space and you know how many guests you are inviting to the wedding breakfast and any additional guests you are inviting to the evening function, then we can begin to start planning your wedding marquee. Use our useful online quotation to try different options and to get an idea of price.

Now armed with knowing how many guests you are inviting and an approximate indication of cost it’s a great time to meet up and talk through the options. By meeting face to face and viewing the proposed site it can really help us plan your wedding marquee.

Once on site, I’ll talk through the options and layout of the marquee, I’ll then be able to plan your marquee using our 3D planning software and email over an accurate and up to date quotation.

There is no charge for us to produce the plans in 3D. It really makes our job a lot easier, so we insist on it!

The plans will show the entire layout, for example where will the dance floor be positioned, where the entrance will be, where the top table is going to go, which of the panels are windows and which are walls, where the round table is to be positioned, where the bar is going to go, where the catering area is, where are the power sockets going to be positioned around the marquee, where are guests to park, where is the stage etc etc.

The plans allow our team to arrive on site and build the marquee as planned. It allows us to fit the windows in the correct places without the team having to stop to address these really important topics. We can lay out the furniture without us worrying if’s its right.

As in most cases when you see the final layout you may wish to make a few tweaks, but that’s only natural and we’ve come to expect it.

There is certainly a lot to think about when it comes to planning your wedding. We are here to help, so please feel free to contact us to discuss any plans you might have.