Marquee Installation

How long does it take to erect?

Most marquees are completed in one day, although this is dependent on the distance we travel to site and the size of marquee in question. For the larger marquees it is recommended to allow two days for installation. Most commonly they are erected a day or so ahead of the function to allow the client time to inspect the marquee and add their own finishing touches if required.

Large Dinner setting in a Marquee

Small Garden Marquee

Do you lay the furniture out?

Like ourselves, many providers will also supply furniture as part of their package; however unlike us many merely “dump” it at the entrance, leaving you to layout.

At Crest Marquees Ltd we will lay it all out for you, to ensure that you have the perfect spacing between each table and person and that there is no upset amongst your guests over being squashed.

Adverse weather conditions?

Whilst the Clearspan structure can cope with harsher weather conditions than traditional marquees, it is still a temporary structure and can be vulnerable in extreme weather conditions.

Snow is also a hindrance to the Clearspan system as the weight can put a strain on the covers in very extreme conditions. Under these circumstances, heating levels will need to be increased to keep roof sections clear.

On a smaller scale, windy conditions and torrential rain can result in it becoming noisy within the marquee – while excessive rain can cause the area surrounding the marquee to become soft and muddy on a grassy site.

Marquee in Garden