The Planning Stage

What will the layout be like?

We understand that it is difficult to envisage how your marquee will look; that’s why at Crest Marquees we use state of the art software to generate a 3D computer image of your specific function including interior and table arrangement for you to get a feel of how things will look on the day. This includes an aerial view of the seating plan and dance floor (where applicable) to give one a feeling of the use of space.

3-D Marquee Planning Examples

How long is this hire period?

The hire period is flexible; realistically you can hire the marquee for as long as you want! Typically for Saturday events, if you require a second use on the Sunday, this can normally be accommodated free of charge. During the week, the length of the marquee hire period is by prior arrangement.

When will you put it up/take it down?

We usually put up marquees on the Wednesday, Thursday or Friday before the event. We then dismantle them on the following Monday or Tuesday. If you have a specific timescale that you need to work to then please let us know, and we will do our best to be flexible and accommodate your needs.

Can the marquee be set up on sloping or uneven ground?

Yes, by the use of ‘leg extensions’ to alter the height of the marquee; both our traditional and pagoda marquees can be set up on sloping or uneven ground, in the case of a very uneven surface we would strongly recommend using fully boarded floors to give a solid level surface underfoot.

Will the marquee damage the grass?

Temporarily yes. Grass that has been covered by the marquee for several days will not look its best but will quickly recover. We are always very careful not to damage your garden and plants during the erection and removal of the marquee.

What about pipes and cables?

We generally secure our marquees with large stakes (3ft) on grass and these will damage any cables or pipes running beneath the site. However for marquee hires on concrete surfaces we secure the structure by concrete fixings (site permitting). We will check with you prior to booking as to whether there are any issues below the site, during the site visit.

Marquee with Door and Peaks

Will it be warm or cool enough?

Should the weather be glorious, the marquees’ simple design allows for sides to be quickly and easily removed or simply folded back out of the way in sections, so you can enjoy the marquee more as a cover, than an enclosure.

Alternatively, should the temperature drop we use the latest in high-tech thermostatic heating systems, which efficiently control the temperature of your marquee allowing you to enjoy your event regardless of the weather, any time of the year. Our heaters are placed outside of the marquee and deliver ample clean hot air to internal diffusers. Noise levels from these heaters are minimal.

Garden Event with Open Marquee

What type of surfaces can it go on?

Our marquees can be laid on most firm surfaces; although the type of surface will determine how the marquee is fixed to the ground, and what type of internal flooring is recommended.

One of our first requirements in the planning process is a site survey. This will highlight any pre-event work that may be required, such as cutting back surrounding plants, or mowing grass/fields the day before.

How long will the heater fuel last?

As a guideline, a standard indirect heater will cover an area approximately 12m x 12m (40ft x 40ft) for 8 hours from one tank of fuel. Under a normal load the heaters will run constantly for a 24hr period. We also offer a new large heater which can run constantly for 17 hours which is the best solution for a larger event. It is also worth noting that the heaters stop and start frequently so in practise they will last many hours more than stated.

Will I need a drinks licence?

Generally, you only need a licence if you are intending to charge for alcoholic drinks. If this is the case, the people running your bar should apply for this from the local magistrate.


Do you need to see our garden?

Yes, it is important that we visit the site. Apart from the opportunity to meet you, it gives us a chance to survey the site for suitability. If all is well, we will provide you with 3D plans, together with a fully itemised quotation to show you exactly what we can offer. Our site visits are free and without obligation.

Round Marquee with Pink Light Interior

Can I make last minute changes to my marquee?

Within reason, yes. Changes to items such as furniture, colours etc can normally be accommodated a couple of weeks before the event. We will also try to accommodate more significant changes but this will depend on availability.

What about changes to my order?

Additions are welcome subject to availability. Small deletions prior to delivery (except marquees) can be accommodated.