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Marquee Catering Section for Hire

Have you considered a Catering Section for your marquee event?

If your function requires the preparation of fresh food then a catering section is often essential. The space is usually located at either end of the marquee or a totally separate annex can be added according to the caterer’s requirements.

Each catering company will have differing demands however we advise a Catering Section for any marquee event which will be preparing food. The catering area is a separate area of the marquee and thus will not be seen by your guests, you may wish to dispense of such niceties such as carpets, linings and even wooden floor (subject to caterer’s demands)

We also provide affordable Halogen strip lighting which provides ample illumination for the caterer.

Below are some examples of Catering areas we have provided for clients to date including some examples of our 3d plans: