Bespoke Marquees

What is a bespoke marquee?  As the term would suggest a bespoke marquee would be a marquee that is in one way or another unusual in its design, layout or perhaps location, or a combination of all three.  It could be that the structure needs to be built in an unusual location, such as over a swimming pool, fountain or pond.  Or it could be that the ground is particularly uneven or on a large incline or decline, or perhaps the structure needs to go down steps.

It could be that the marquee needs to encompass flower beds, garden ornaments, bushes or even trees.  This is something that is not uncommon.

Generally speaking, the most common reason a structure would be classed as a ‘bespoke marquee’ would be that the frame (as opposed to the internal layout) is different from the ‘standard sizes’.  As there a few marquee manufacturers in the UK, the majority of marquee hirers use standard stock which increase in increments of either 3m or 5m.  

Throughout the industry, the standard sizes of marquees come in widths of 3m, 6m 9m 12m and 15m and increase in ‘bays’ in sections of 3m.  Therefore a typical wedding marquee might be a 9m (width) x 24m (8 sections) for 100 guests, to include seating and enough room for a dance floor.  Or a corporate function for 200 guests could be a 12m (width) x 18m (6 sections) structure. 

However if your garden isn’t a standard size and you want to maximise your space, we have developed a range of products.  

Our range of equipment enables us to turn a standard marquee into a bespoke marquee.  This saves us time and allows us to avoid passing on any excessive charges that other marquee companies might consider imposing.

Now when a customer requests a bespoke marquee for hire, we can use our range of marquee equipment to turn a bespoke marquee into a ‘standard’ structure.

If you have something unusual or would like to pick our brains, we can either arrange to see the site and talk through the options, or for a quick answer, send us a few photos of the site and we’ll talk it through over the telephone.

One of the trickier parts of our work can involve joining the marquee up to the house or building. Often clients want to extend their home and have the marquee flow from the house.  This is far more common during the winter months as most customers do not want to step out of the warmth, walk into the cold and then enter the marquee.  When we join a structure up to the clients home, as ever home is different, it can often involve a ‘bespoke’ solution.  As this is something we are used to doing, then it shouldn’t cause too many difficulties.  However, when the home, conservatory or kitchen is built in an unusual shapes or angle we we often have to design make and fit either bespoke guttering or bespoke canopies. 

If you would like more information on how we can join a marquee to your building, please contact us as we can discuss the various options.