Corporate Marquees

Clients that choose to hire a marquee for a corporate event do so for many different reasons.  Typical reasons that our clients choose to hire a marquee are varied, examples might be to entertain staff or corporate clients, the opening of a new building, training of staff, team building exercise, an important corporate anniversary, Christmas party, trade fair or the launch of a new product or service.  Or it could simply be that there isn’t the space to host that numbers of guests in their current location.  Either way, hiring a marquee for a corporate event allows you to have your marquee as simple or as extravagant as you want the function to be. 

Here at Crest we offer a range of Corporate Marquees for Hire, it could be a simple daytime garden function, with a light and airy feel, with lots of windows around your marquee and perhaps overlooking your corporate grounds.  Or it could be a more formal evening function.  This type of event may involve caterers supplying food, in which case we can supply a dedicated catering marquee, ovens, food preparation areas, hot cupboards and power sockets.  Should you choose to run your own bar service, we would be happy to supply a range of stylish LED bar units, fridges for bottled drinks and bar accessories.  If the event is an evening party, a dance floor is a must too!  Perhaps with a star light roof lighting to cover that dance floor.  Our dance floors come in a variety of sizes, so should you have 10 guests, or 1000 guests that all wish to party at the same time, we can supply the right size and solution for you.  The style of dance floor can also vary as well as the size, for example we can supply and fit a wooden parquet dance floor, black and white chequered dance floor or pure white dance floor.

One of the great advantages of hiring a marquee over and above hiring a venue is the cost.  If you have the space to locate your marquee on your car park or within your grounds, then you won’t need to hire an expensive venue.  Although the venue may not be over priced for the actual room or facilities, usually the cost of food and drinks can be expensive.  By having your own marquee, often you can control the type of food you wish to serve, from a simple buffet to a full several course meal.  As well as controlling the type and price of the food, perhaps more importantly, you get to choose the caterers.  There won’t be a corkage charge either!  If you want to supply all of your own beers, wines and spirits you can do, as it’s your marquee and your function! 

In fact, having the marquee on the corporate car park is the most popular place to have the function.  We won’t need to drill and bolt the structure either as we can weigh the structure down using our water weights.  

As well as supplying a range of corporate marquees for hire, as you expect, we can supply a complete range of flooring, lighting, linings and furniture to make your event run smoothly.

Should you wish to discuss your corporate event, please contact us by email or call us on 0121 773 8444 and we would be happy to discuss and advise accordingly.